Residential Pest Management Services

The first line of defense is prevention. Not only is it easier to prevent an infestation than to eliminate one; it is generally much less costly. Some pests are harder to control than others but taking good preventative measures can greatly reduce your risk of infestation. Let’s face it, no one wants pests whether they are insects or critters. Rodents carry diseases such as Hanta virus, hemorrhagic fever, salmonella and tularemia. Mosquitoes carry Zika virus, West Nile virus, malaria and other viruses. Roaches carry bacteria such as salmonella, viruses, fungi, worms and they can cause allergic reactions in people of all ages. Who wants to room with any of these pests?
Integrated Pest Management(IPM) has become the industry standard for pest control. And IPM is how Delta solves pest problems. By using a combination of chemical and non-chemical treatments, we provide you with a safe and efficient solution to your pest problem so that you can enjoy a pest-free living environment.
Delta Pest Control is licensed and insured. Because we are passionate about providing the best service for our customers, our staff regularly attends continuing education courses so that we remain knowledgeable and informed about the latest pest control techniques.

Delta Pest Control is your solution.

For all of your pests problems, we are here so solve it so you can secure your home and business pest-free.