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Living with a pest infestation is never ideal, and some types of pests pose serious threats to occupants of a building. Professional pest control is recommended to ensure that insects are completely removed from a home. Do-it-yourself methods of pest control may leave behind eggs or insects that can breed to reach infestation levels once again.

Issues With Roach Infestations

Cockroaches are especially nasty when found inside a home or business. These insects tend to be nocturnal, so it is possible for occupants of a home to be unaware that there is an infestation occurring within the walls of the building. Spotting even one cockroach in a home could indicate that an infestation has taken hold behind the scenes.
The biggest problem with cockroach infestations is that these pests are adept at spreading disease. The insects pick up bacteria on their legs and bodies while traveling through a home. This bacteria is then deposited throughout a building, and it is extremely difficult to reach the dirt left behind by cockroaches without specialized equipment. Fecal matter from cockroaches is also known to transmit disease, and dead cockroaches still pose a threat to the health of building occupants.


It is extremely important to get rid of all signs of cockroaches in order to protect the health of people who live or work in a building. Our team of professional technicians knows how to deal with cockroaches that are hiding within the walls and ducts of a building in order to eliminate the health risk posed by these pests. Delta Pest Control is dedicated to helping customers get rid of their pest problem without breaking the bank.