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If you head downstairs for your usual late-night snack and notice 8 judgmental eyes staring back at you, or you’re finding more and more spider webs around your home or property, then you know it’s time to contact your local exterminators. At Delta Pest Control, our technicians can help eliminate spiders in your home. They’ll also provide preventative measures and long-term support to help prevent them from coming back.

I don’t need that, you might think; all I need is a shoe to squish it. One of the most common spiders in Arkansas is the wolf spider. Learn why you might
not want to just squish this spider if you see it…

Are Wolf Spiders Dangerous?

Wolf Spiders aren’t as threatening as they seem. In fact, they’re mostly harmless to humans but are feared because of their size and intimidating name. Wolf spiders are accidental intruders and will start to invade our homes and businesses in early fall. As we transition from summer to autumn, cooling temperatures prompt them to find mates and shelter, which inevitably leads them to discover cracks and holes in your home or business that help them get inside. Wolf spiders are actually quite shy and not aggressive, but will bite when provoked.  

What Do Wolf Spiders Have on Their Backs?

One way to differentiate a wolf spider from other spider species is the sac on the back of the female spiders. It’s the mother carrying her spider babies. The mother may be carrying hundreds of baby wolf spiders at a time. If you notice a wolf spider with babies on their back, don’t squish them! Squishing a female wolf spider with babies on her back will release hundreds of baby wolf spiders onto your floor which could spread throughout your home.

How Do I Keep Spiders Out?

Just like other pests that find themselves inside your home by accident, wolf spiders’ entry points are things that we can take care of around our home. As the temperatures decrease we assume pests are gone until the spring, but during this season many pests are looking for shelter and food, making your home the perfect place to stay cozy during the colder months. 

Let’s take a look at what the University of Kentucky recommends for keeping these pests out of your home

  • Cleaning your house frequently 
  • Declutter areas that aren’t normally used such as basements, attics, closets, and garages
  • Clear items like firewood, stacked items, and other debris from building exteriors. Trim back shrubs, vines and tree limbs touching the house, creating a bridge to the structure.
  • Install door sweeps and repair or install tight-fitting window screens 
  • Installing yellow or sodium vapor light bulbs at all outside entrances. These lights repel flying insects which can help keep other pests like spiders away

Implementing long-term solutions like these can help prevent the infestation of spiders in your home. If you have an infestation on your property, enlist the support of a knowledgeable spider expert like Delta Pest Control. Contact us today to help keep spiders away this fall and winter. 

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