For over three decades, Delta Pest Control has been a leading provider of pest control in Arkansas. Our dedication to continually achieving high standards is what sets us above the competition. We believe a pest control company should be affordable, reliable and thorough. At Delta Pest Control, we use the latest and least harmful pest management products and methods. Since we treat every unique situation with the care and attention our clients deserve, our services and prevention plans are very effective.

A home is every individual or family’s place to relax, enjoy life and feel safe. When pests threaten the health of families, it is important to use products that are not as harmful as the chemicals used in home removal methods or by inexperienced companies. We take every person’s health seriously, and we respect our customers and their homes.

Pests are detrimental to any business. They can drive away paying customers, and termites or other destructive pests can cause physical harm to a building. It is important to protect a business with a solid pest prevention plan. By identifying the risks of possible common pests in the area, our experts help each business avoid the pests that are most common in their specific type of business.

Some of the most problematic pests in the Monticello area are termites, cockroaches, and bedbugs. Termites destroy wood, paper, and fabric. They are able to ruin a home, its furnishings, and the foundation quickly. Piles of shed wings or swarms are signs of an infestation, but they may not always appear until it is too late. Regular inspections are a must for homes and businesses.

Cockroaches carry bacteria and breed quickly, so they can put the health of families and business customers at risk. They are also good at hiding, so inspections are important. Bed bugs travel on clothes and in purses or luggage. Employees can bring them to work and spread them through the business, and they may inadvertently send them home with other workers. Reddish-brown dirt shed exoskeletons and a musky smell may be signs of an infestation.


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