Delta Pest Control provides optimal pest control services to all residential and business customers in Arkansas. Our pest control experts have the tools, equipment and techniques most likely to solve your problem quickly and efficiently. We handle a variety of pests, and our Hot Springs pest control handles termites, wildlife and bed bugs.

Our family-owned business is dedicated to providing you with the kind of pest control you would expect of any local company. We continue to provide the most effective methods for pest detection, identification and removal. In addition, we also provide customers with continuing education to ensure that you are equipped with the information necessary to make informed decisions.

Many infestations happen without leaving obvious signs or traces. The critters can reside undetected for months or longer, and they are only noticed when their numbers grow too large to ignore. Prevention and early detection services can help you reduce the likelihood of a full-blown pest problem. Our pest control experts can assess your home to determine if an infestation of termites, wildlife or bed bugs has occurred without your knowledge.

Businesses have a lot at stake when there is the slightest hint of a pest infestation. Our company provides clients with access to seasoned professionals who understand the risks involved. Any customer who walks into a business expects a clean facility, and the reputation of the business could be jeopardized if a pest problem develops.

Homes are often vulnerable to these same pests for the same reason. Termites look for any building made from wood to build their nests, and they can live inside the walls and attic for a long time before being detected. Home owners can protect their family and their property with our professional pest control services.

Various kinds of wildlife can be found in this area, and businesses might experience an infestation of rats, mice, squirrels, bed bugs or even termites during certain parts of the year. Wildlife refers to any animals residing in the surrounding areas. This might include squirrels, raccoons, birds and other animals who look for food wherever they can smell it. Some of these critters might be so bold as to enter your property. Termites are notorious for the amount of damage they can cause to homes, and this can quickly run up repair bills or even permanently depreciate the value of the property.

Bed bugs are a common problem for individuals and businesses. People can bring them home after travelling for vacations, holidays or during a move from one residence to another. These critters often hitchhike on the clothing or backpacks used by people during transit, and they often build their nests in the lining of unprotected beds. Affected individuals often wake up with unexplained sores after a night of disturbed sleep.


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