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Wildlife Control – Exclusion & Removal

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Arkansas is home to a lot of beautiful wildlife animals. While these critters can be fun to witness outdoors, they can become a serious issue if they manage to invade your home or business. When animals enter your property, they can cause costly damage and even pose a threat to your health and safety. If you encounter wildlife animals on your property, it's critical to call a wildlife management expert who can safely remove these pests.

For 46 years, Delta Pest Control Inc has provided humane wildlife animal removal services and long-term preventative solutions to protect your Arkansas property year-round.

Reliable Animal Wildlife Control

If wild animals invade your home, they could pose a huge risk to your property, family, and pets. Not only can these pests cause costly damage to your house and belongings, but they could also spread deadly diseases and lead to serious health issues. That’s why you should never hesitate to contact a professional if you encounter wildlife animals in your home. The wildlife exclusion team at Delta Pest Control Inc is prepared to help determine the wildlife species and implement a personalized plan for their humane removal and prevention. 

Critter Control for YOUR HOME

Our Approach to Wildlife Pest Control

Wildlife animals in your home or business can damage your property and become a huge safety risk, which is why it’s important to take quick action if you notice any critters in your space. The experts at Delta Pest Control Inc have the tools and experience needed to safely and effectively remove wildlife from your property while preventing future invasions.

Our team will take these steps to keep your home or business safe from wildlife animals:

  1. We will perform a rigorous inspection of your property for any signs of animal activity.
  2. Our trained technicians will place traps and use exclusion methods to humanely remove and control the wildlife in your space.
  3. We will provide you with after-care tips and ongoing wildlife prevention services to help you avoid future issues.

Wildlife Control Experts for YOUR BUSINESS

Protecting Your Commercial Property From Nuisance Wildlife

Nuisance wildlife animals can cause countless problems if they manage to invade your business. In addition to distressing your staff and scaring away customers, wildlife animals can cause property damage and pose a threat to human health and safety. From raccoons and squirrels to bats and opossums, it’s crucial to contact a professional if you notice the signs of wildlife animals in your commercial space.

Delta Pest Control Inc has 46 years of experience in wildlife removal and control, so we know what it takes to protect your business from these animals year-round. 

Delta Pest Control Inc Reviews

Excellent customer service and helpful staff. I highly recommend Delta Pest!

– Natalie Whitlow

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At Delta Pest Control Inc, we protect against the disease and damage that can be caused by common pests.

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