The Little Rock area has an ideal climate for all kinds of pests. At Delta Pest Control, we have nearly 40 years of experience handling all sorts of home invaders. Bed bugs, roaches and termites are among the worst and most prevalent nuisances that we encounter.

Bed bugs can enter your house in several ways. They can hitch a ride on a pet or a member of your family. They can be brought in on the clothing of a friend or in a used chair. Once they’re inside, they hide in tiny cracks in your walls or furniture and emerge at night to feed on you, your children or your pets. They’re tenacious and hard to exterminate.

There are several kinds of roaches, but they all have one thing in common. They’re disgusting, and they can track bacteria all over your counters, table, and cabinets. They usually look for food at night. If you’ve seen roaches during the day, you can be sure that many more are hiding beneath your appliances, in your pantry, or behind the walls. They breed rapidly and are a nightmarish annoyance that should be handled quickly.

Termites burrow into the rafters of your house. They eat anything made of wood, including furniture, window frames, doors and paneling. They’re silent and voracious. A colony of termites can undermine your home’s structure before you know that they’ve entered your house. They must be exterminated, or they’ll destroy your property.


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