North Little Rock is a city located just across the Arkansas River from Little Rock itself. The area experiences sultry summers and relatively cool winters, both of which can be breeding grounds for pests. Although residents and visitors can enjoy the beauty of nature on the nearby Arkansas River Trail, they will want to scour their homes and businesses in the aftermath to make sure that no unwanted critters have been brought back from a hiking or backpacking trip. Even light infestations should be eliminated before the pests have a chance to develop into a larger colony, which will ultimately cost more to get rid of.

Residential areas can become infested with ants, bed bugs, fleas, hornets, and termites. In fact, most residential homes are likely to have yards, which means pests will be able to breed in grassy areas and then migrate into the house whenever they have a chance. Smaller creatures can enter the home through holes near doors and windows and can quickly build colonies behind walls and underneath floorboards. Termites, for example, can do significant damage to the underbelly of the house, especially if the foundation has been primarily constructed from wood.

Roaches, which typically live in kitchens or bathrooms near water sources, can take over a house in no time. Apartment complexes that have roach issues will need to call an exterminator as soon as possible. Wasps and hornets, on the other hand, which usually build hives in trees, can cause actual physical harm to children and pets. It is best that these hives be eradicated before an incident occurs.

Though residential areas can suffer from pest problems, the real money is likely to be lost through an infestation in a commercial building. Any signs of roaches or ants in a restaurant, for example, will lead to a sharp decline in customers and possibly even a citation from the local health department. Most pest problems can be avoided with careful sanitizing of any surfaces where food has recently been prepared. Because pests can still enter restaurants and other commercial enterprises, however, it is usually a good idea to have a registered pest control professional look over the premises a few times each year.

Remodeling typically follows a certain course of action. If termites have eaten through wood beams or pillars, for example, then new pieces will need to be installed before any other work can move forward. In fact, if the foundation of the home or business has been damaged, then some areas might not be safe. Remodeling professionals can also examine areas where water damage might have occurred. Replacing bits of the carpet or floor may not require an extensive amount of effort, but it is always best to let the experts make the decision. This will ultimately save the homeowner or business owner money later on in the process.


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