Centipedes Friend or Foe in arkansas

House centipedes are known for their long, slender bodies and numerous legs. These pests are nocturnal and can be found in damp dark places like basements, bathrooms, and crawl spaces. They prey on insects and other small pests, making them beneficial but unsettling house guests. Centipedes are largely considered a nuisance. House centipedes are venomous, but their bites don’t cause any lasting harm and will feel like a small bee sting. 

Let the Centipedes Do The Dirty Work For You

House centipedes in Arkansas may be unsettling to look at, but they do an excellent job of keeping other pests at bay. They’ll eat cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, and other small insects. Although centipedes are helpful in keeping other bugs at bay, their presence may be a sign of a larger issue in your home. 

Keeping Your Home Pest Free

Where you find centipedes you will often find other bugs and damp areas. Running a fan in your bathroom for several minutes after a hot bath or shower will help keep the area dry. In other spaces in your home, prone to dampness, a dehumidifier can dry out the area. To remove centipedes from your home humanely, you can capture them under a jar or glass, and slide a piece of paper underneath, to take it outside. A trip to your local hardware store can help you find some supplies to keep the pest away like:

  • Sticky traps, to catch any of the pests in your home besides centipedes.
  • Caulking and weatherstripping, to seal up gaps in window and door frames.
  • Storage totes, to keep areas organized and to make sure items inside stay dry. So as to not attract pests.

Centipedes Still at Large?

If you are still finding centipedes in your home, calling a pest control company is often the best solution. Delta Pest Control is ready to address centipedes and any other pest issue you’re experiencing. With over 46 years in the business, they will address and take measures to ensure your home is pest-free

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