a rodent lurks in the walls of an arkansas homeRodents present significant challenges to homeowners and business owners in the Arkansas area. Whether it’s house mice or roof rats or anything in between, taking immediate action is essential to ensuring the safety and well-being of your property. That’s because, with their ability to spread a wide range of diseases to humans and their gnawing that can cause structural damage, rodent problems are much more serious than most pest problems. So, when should you call a rodent exterminator? 

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about rodents in Arkansas, including what to look for, what brings them inside, and why a professional rat and mouse extermination company is always the best choice.

How Do You Know if You Have a Rodent Problem?

In large buildings especially, you might not be aware you’re in the early stages of a rodent infestation. Since rats and mice are excellent at hiding, a few can easily go undetected and you might not notice until they’ve reproduced and there are many.

Here are some of the early warning signs of a possible rodent infestation:

  • Rodent Feces
  • Wood Shaving Piles
  • Unpleasant Smells with an Undetermined Origin
  • Scratching or Scraping Sounds in the Walls

These are solid signs that you need professional rodent control—and fast! If you actually see a live rodent, it likely means there are many more hiding.

Need An Estimate for Rodent Control?

Can Rodents Cause Disease in Humans?

Rodents are driven by their basic needs for food, water, and shelter. If they gain access to your property and discover a food and water source, they will be reluctant to leave. When rodents move in, they contaminate human areas and food with their urine and feces, which not only carry diseases and pathogens, but can also trigger allergic reactions like hives or asthma attacks. And given how quickly they can multiply, a minor rat or mouse issue can escalate into a major infestation within a few short months.

How Can You Minimize Rodent Damage?

The best way to minimize rodent damage is getting rid of them quickly. Otherwise, they’ll bite and gnaw through the structural components of your home. Why do they do this? It’s their teeth.

All rodents share similarities in their teeth. Their sharp incisors never stop growing, which is why they’re continually gnawing on things – it helps them wear down. Rodents can chew through pretty much anything if given enough time, including most kinds of wood, wiring (which can start fires), even some kinds of metals. If squirrels, rats, or mice get into your building, you can bet there will be some chewing damage as they make themselves at home, building nests and breeding. The question is: how much? Calling an experienced rodent exterminator will minimize the damage by solving the problem quickly and completely.

When Should I Call a Rodent Exterminator?

This really is the kind of problem that you want to take care of immediately. That means as soon as you see a live rodent – because it’s a strong indication there are many rodents on the property. Or if you see any signs of rodents listed above, like feces or scratching sounds – call your trusted rodent control team to come take a look. Treating it yourself can take months, and it doesn’t always take care of the whole problem. Don’t risk the health and safety of your home or business and everything inside – call a professional to take care of the problem today!

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