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As a homeowner, protecting your home from termites is extremely important. A termite infestation can be difficult to detect without professional assistance; yearly routine termite inspections for your home or business are crucial in the battle against these destructive pests. Termites are often a silent threat and regular inspections from a termite exterminator can stop an infestation from growing or prevent them in the first place.

Stop a termite infestation in your Arkansas home before it starts with expert termite inspections from Delta Pest Control Inc.

When Should You Get a Termite Inspection? 

To ensure your property is not vulnerable to termites, it’s recommended to have your home inspected annually. Termites will often go unnoticed until the infestation has become severe and significant damage to your home has occurred. Routine inspections will catch infestations early, preventing costly structural damage to the wooden structure of your home.

Are Annual Termite Inspections Necessary?

Proactive measures and annual pest and termite inspections from a professional pest control company are the best ways to prevent termites and the damage they cause to your home or business.  Termites are responsible for an estimated $5 billion in damages to homes in the United States, which is why annual inspections are vital.

What is a Termite Inspection and How is it Done?

A termite inspection is performed by one of Delta Pest Control Inc’s pest control experts to asses if your home is vulnerable to termites or has an active infestation. Our termite inspection process includes the following steps:

  1. Thoroughly examine the interior and exterior of your home or building for signs of termite activity.
  2. If termites are found, your inspectors will create a custom treatment plan based on their findings and the severity of the infestation.
  3. If they do not find evidence of termites, the inspector will give you tips on ways to prevent termites from invading your home.

What Does a Termite Inspector Look For?

In Arkansas, two main types of termites invade homes: drywood termites and subterranean termites. When a Delta Pest Control Inc inspector comes to your home, they will look for signs of termites, such as: 

  • Live termites
  • Termite droppings or frass
  • Discarded swarmer wings
  • Mud tubes along the exterior of your home
  • Blistering flooring or walls
  • Maze-like patterns in wood
  • Hollow wood

Is a Termite Inspection Worth It?

Annual termite inspections are one of the best choices a home or business owner can make. Termites are some of the most destructive pests that invade Arkansas’s homes and businesses, causing thousands of dollars in damage. Annual termite inspections can detect the early stages of a termite infestation and eliminate these wood-destroying pests before they can cause extensive damage.

Expert Termite Inspections in Arkansas

To prevent costly damages caused by these silent destroyers, it is vital to get annual termite inspections from a professional exterminator who can accurately detect any vulnerabilities or signs of termites. To schedule a termite inspection or for more information on our pest and termite services, contact Delta Pest Control Inc today!

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